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Welcome Home

Our Church is a place to connect and establish relationships. It is a place to meet God and become part of His vision for the future. So join us at one of our services for an awesome worship experience and life changing message.

In a world of uncertainty, one thing remains the same–God’s love for you. One way to experience His love is by becoming part of a local church. Ministry to the entire family is vital, which is why we place an emphasis on every age group. There is a tremendous team of people here at RPC who are committed to serve you.


Our Vision

To harvest the nations into a community of integrated Christ-centered, cross-cultural, multi-ethnic church, that practices wholistic Life, shaped to glorify God.

Our Passion

Encourage one another to passionately love the Lord and our neighbor unconditionally, and be deliberate and urgent in every work of compassion for the lost; thus evangelizing them while looking forward with double diligence for His Second Coming.

Our Goal

To encourage evangelism, and support fruitful wholistic discipleship lifestyle that is able to attract sinners to seek Christ. Equip each disciple to be Faithful, Available, Teachable, and Able to teach others to win souls.

Our Mission

To win souls for Christ, and empower them for wholistic life, and fruitful discipleship that honors Christ at all times.


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